Should India host the Olympics, and other key questions in Indian sports

Share this page book review: In Boundary Lab, Nandan Kamath delves into questions like “Should MS Dhoni own the ‘helicopter’ shot?”, “Should we hold separate women’s chess events?”, “Why is sports betting illegal in India?”, “Why do we have a right to watch cricket for free?”, and “Should India bid to host the Olympic Games?”

There was a time when sport had a lot to do with personal fervour and nationalistic pride. Winning had an inherent sense of simplicity to it, and besides the recognition that it brought athletes, it was also the means to a livelihood for quite a few of them.

Those days are a contrast to how professional sport is perceived today, a complex engagement in these times of commercialisation. The reasons to play remain more or less the same, but there’s a lot more at stake when it comes to performing at the highest level. And of course, winning.

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